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Serving The Community For Over 70 Years
Serving The Community For Over 70 Years
Fire safety is important in any season.  Ensuring your smoke detectors work and having charged fire extinguishers are important any time of year.  Here are a few fire safety tips to help ensure your personal safety and that of your family and property.  
CalFire recommends 100 ft. defensible space around your home, please mow early in the morning and watch for sparks that could cause a grass fire.
Check connection of the propane tank and fuel line, avoid loose clothing, dispose of hot coals properly - douse with water and stir, never add lighter fluid to lit fire.
Make sure Halloween costumes are fire resistant and use care when using candles to light the way.
Home fires are more prevalent in the winter, use care with fireplaces and wood stoves and decorate that Christmas tree carefully.
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